Fiber Artist, Artisan, Designer

Leaf-printed, naturally dyed textiles and paper and handmade felt for the home and wardrobe. Green Moon Arts welcomes opportunities for dye and design collaborations and commissions, and is available for personalized instruction in ecoprinting and wet felting.

“I work with modest materials and techniques, such as fallen leaves, simmering water, natural fibers and simple stitches, to create items of mysterious and organic beauty. I seek out local dye materials and regional animal fibers, mend or remake previously used garments, and compose fiber objects and sculptures as a way of weaving together the threads of human and non-human lives, past and future, in the community where I live. I dream that as we re-learn from each other necessary traditional skills and deepen our appreciation for the origins of materials and colors, we will all become able to make supportive choices for the vibrant health of our world.”

Green Moon Arts
Gretchen Laise