We are working toward creating a thriving, sustainable, and restorative local/regional fiber economy. We are committed to strengthening connections between fiber farmers, spinning mills, weavers, artisans, designers, and consumers.

We will continue the Fibershed Fabric Project, accessing the wealth of local wool, processing facilities and designer/artisans to produce economically viable wool yardage, as well as garments and home goods constructed from the fabric.

We will offer education and outreach about the possibility for a thriving sustainable local fiber economy through local media, public events, gallery exhibits and collaboration with Fibershed affiliates and other fiber and textile projects throughout the Northeast.

We are creating a comprehensive regional supply chain directory of fiber producers, mill services designers, artisans and retail outlets. and fiber recycling opportunities. The purpose of this directory is to expand economic opportunity for existing and new participants in the fiber economy, and to engage participants in an interdependent vision for our region.

Soil to soil
We will develop a plan for sustainably sourcing natural dye stuffs and dyeing skill within the local and regional community. We aim to bring together local dye plant growers, dyers and artisans. Activities may include wild source harvesting, utilizing community green waste, dye labs and instructional programs, and retail sales of dye products.